RYB Container Home

  • Red Yellow Blue Tiny Container Home
  • Red Yellow Blue Tiny Container Home

The Sims 4 RYB Container Home

Play tested and use bb.moveobjects before placing 🙂 This house is perfect for a sim who loves natural light and is a little corky. The CC windows are from the Love for Modern Windows set by Sixam CC, so make sure you download that before placing.

  • EA ID: CokiCreative
  • Lot Size: 30×20
  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Value: 73,778
  • CC is used

Required CC

Instructions To Place The Sims 4 Container Home

  1. Use cheat code before placing “bb.moveobjects
  2. Choose the “RYB Container Home” from your library
  3. Click “place lot” and place the house on the plot.

Uses Items From These Packs

  • iconEco Lifestyle
  • iconDesert Luxe Kit


    CokiCreative RYB Container Home.zip

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