How to Install Downloaded Sim

The Sims 4 How to Install Downloaded Sim

Things to Consider When Downloading Sim or Households

It may often require additional CC or expansion packs to make a Sim look the same as their pictures during download.

Make sure you have the necessary cc and expansion packs by reading the descriptions carefully, otherwise you will not encounter the same sim as in the pictures.

if the sim does not use Custom Content, the creator indicates this by writing “NOCC” in their description. It also writes a list of which expansion packs items used while creating the sim. If it has not used any expansion packs, it indicates this by the phrase “Base Game“.

For example, you can download Tray files for a particular Sim, but there will also be a list of links to the CC used in the image the creator provided. You need to download this Custom Content and put it in the Mods folder.

You can find information about the mod/cc from these articles: The Sims 4 Mod 101 | How to Install Custom Content and Mods

How to Install Downloaded The Sims 4 Sim or Households

If you download sim tray files, you need to put these files inside the tray folder. You can download sim tray files of sims created by others from The Sims 4 Sim category.

Where do you put downloaded Sim or Household in Sims 4?

You can easily add your downloaded sim files to your game. All you have to do is move the files to the tray folder. If cc is used in the sim you downloaded, you must download cc leride and put it in your mods folder.

1- Open your Tray folder

the sims 4 folder

The houses and lots are installed into the Tray folder inside the sims 4 folder.
For most people, it should be in
Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray
If you want to know what the files in this folder do, you can read The Sims 4 Folder Overview article.

2- Move your Sim files to Tray folder

How to install downloaded sim

Open the downloaded file.
Drag all the files inside to the tray folder.

NOTE: If you throw it with folder, the game will not be able to see it Be sure to discard the files inside.

3-Placing Household

How to install downloaded sim

Open your gallery by pressing F4.
Select “My library” from the tabs.
You should now be able to see the sim in my library. If the sim contains cc, make sure the “Include Custom Content” option is selected otherwise you won’t be able to see it.


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kim 6iemla
1 year ago

Hello, is there a way to download CC on PS4?

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